Avio Milano - sports watches, diving watches, pilot watches  

Accessible luxury, stylish & elegant pilot and diver sports watches from Italy


The history of Avio Milano has its roots in technological research and lives in the infinite spaces of heaven, in the fascinating world of aeronautics from which it takes inspiration. A universe in constant movement made of elegance, lightness and strength, camouflage and effectiveness in every situation. Avio Milano translates the courage, and either the freedom and the challenge into essential, dynamic and trusted models that refer to military equipments and talk about a passion that has always fascinated every man. Craftsmanship, attention to details, creative intuition, applied to the use of avant-garde materials, create unique and strong character objects. Avio Milano marks the belonging to a world made of contact. It interprets, in the lines of the models, the extreme lightness of the flight and then touches the deep mystery of the sea's abysses.

Wearing an Avio Milano model means declaring membership in a world of beauty, emotion and personality. Essential in the form and content, each Avio Milano model comes from research and attention to detail aimed at the creation of objects to measure time, perfect companions in every moment of our life. Our products are noted for impeccable manufacturing quality, typical of the extraordinary tradition of Italian craftsmanship. Each watch is entirely "Made in Italy".