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Chic, glamorous & stylish, affordable designer fashion watches from Italy


The Byblos is a unique unisex watch for all occasions, able to change its colours like a chameleon, thanks to the interchangeable straps, easily removable from the case. The double glass case allows you to see the colour of the strap, so changing the strap is like changing the dial, giving you the ability of changing the look of your watch whenever you desire, to suit your outfit or your mood for the day. The case comes in 3 different colours and sizes: black, silver & rose gold, 36mm, 40mm & 45mm. The watch package include 6 additional bands of different colours, in satin or varnish for the model with zirconia.

Byblos is a watch with great visual and constructive impact. The big brand engraved and applied on the glass has a important role of image. and hides the movement at the same time. The indexes applied under the glass and luminescent hands allow the reading of the time even in the absence of light. The symmetrical bezel with the shape of a "roof" allows the light to give unique reflections to the round case, a case made of three pieces with four screws through the bottom with a double seal that ensures a water-resistance to 50 meters. Conceived for the glamorous world of fashion, here is a new way of telling time - Byblos surprising and enchanting, a watch for everyday. You will never leave it in a drawer.