Calypso Watches - Fashion watches, affordable watches, sports watches  

Trendy & vibrant affordable fashion watches from Spain, with a fresh look and fun colors


Vibrant and fun colors, original and vivid designs inspired by urban art, materials that combine quality and convenience. These are the hallmarks of Calypso, the Festina Group brand aimed at young, demanding and trendy people. A collection for boys and girls, colorful, with a price that allows you to change your look every day. Calypso is the watch for the urban mobile youth, having fun in life who don’t set limits on their dreams. A fresh look and a sense of extrovert style. Calypso is the brand for those who do not want to mingle with the crowd, who prefer to express their individuality, ideal for people who reject the idea of simply following fashion, a collection designed for those who want to add a personal touch in a world of color and design.