Fila Watches - Fashion watches, athletic sports watches, digital watches  

Fila Watches are a statement of sporty Italian lifestyle and sense of fashion, marked by a pioneering stylish design


We are Fila, Italian roots, yet internationally known, wide-ranging sport legacy plus far-reaching sporty lifestyle appeal. Confident style leader and true fashion icon. We create sports apparel, footwear, watches and accessories with Italian craftsmanship, we never betray our belief in pioneering designWe embody style. The vibrant effortless and sophisticated kind. Sporty and cosmopolitan in the same breath.

Strikingly simple. Sensual. Body-conscious. We have attitude. Think charisma, poise under pressure and a big appetite for life. Audacious with class. Challenging conventions. We are competitive, discerning and knowing. We like to work hard, by play harder. We started out in sport and live in fashion, and we will always be the “Style Shaper".

We are Fila Watch, riding on our Italian sports heritage and pioneering design, Fila Watch is the statement for your athleticism, passion and sense of fashion.