I.T.A. Watches - Fashion watches, sports watches, ladies watches  

Chic and stylish, accessible luxury sports fashion timepieces from Italy


Italia Technica Artigiana, "I.T.A." is a leading Italian luxury fashion watch brand that utilizes innovative new production techniques and craftsmanship, hi-tech materials and sophisticated design capabilities in creating wrist watches which have a very exclusive Italian style and a totally unique, distinctive and dynamic personality.

The watches are made using a combination of high quality materials such as gold, steel, plastics and carbon and high-tech technologies to create surprisingly cheerful, colorful and aesthetic images with a daring and contrasting "silhouette". The collection's originality includes the exaggerated hour indexes, executed in 3D style, luminous hands and sports watches have techno-nylon straps, which is a water-proof material ideal for outdoor use. I.T.A's wide range of watches contains sports, casual and classic models for men and women. With their strong and fresh visual impact, they are a glamorous alternative to traditional timepieces.