Itanano - Carbon fiber watches, sports watches, oversized watches  

Innovative, fashion forward and durable, outdoor sports fashion watches from Italy


The idea behind the Italian brand ITAnano Orologi was to blend technology used in aero planes, racing boats and Formula 1 cars and develop the most amazing watch case body designs. ITAnano is taking watch innovation a step further by combining new carbon fiber, mineral plus fibre and polyfibre technology with sophisticated engineering to introduce the best watch of its kind for the price.

ITAnano watches use high quality Japanese and Swiss movements to ensure precision and durability and they cater to everyone that wants to look good, stylish and purchase a long lasting watch. ITAnano designs are innovative and fashion forward and the philosophy is to combine unique materials in a rainbow of color variations to create beauty on the wrist at affordable prices. ITAnano Orologi is devoted to style, durability and affordability. ITAnano - "Tell it like it is"