Lapizta - Extreme sports watches, motor racing watches  

Lapizta creates bold sporting timepieces inspired by the infinite passion of extreme lifestyles. Embrace your infinite passion and conquer your untamed dreams.


LAPIZTA is a dynamic brand known for its bold timepieces that reflect the INFINITE PASSION of extreme lifestyles. From the materials to the design of each intricate layer, every LAPIZTA timepiece infuses elements of extreme sports. By combining inspirational elements alongside functional materials we transform the everyday timepiece into a recognized symbol of a passionate lifestyle.

Founded by third-generation watchmakers, LAPIZTA was created to translate and share our personal passions with others. Our watches reflect who we are. We are extreme. We are bold. We are passionate. By constantly seeking new adventures, we aim to inspire others to push themselves to the limit – to embrace their INFINITE PASSION and conquer their untamed dreams.

The face and signature of our brand, our logo connects us to all forms of communication. Our logo is both a racetrack and the infinity sign representing LAPIZTA and INFINITE PASSION in one symbol. LAPIZTA is derived from the Spanish term ‘la pista’ meaning ‘the racetrack’, symbolizing the bold, extreme and passionate world of racing. What is INFINITE PASSION? We won’t define it for you. To every person it means something unique and personal – so we leave it to you!