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Affordable luxury, stylish and chic, fashion jewelry watches made in France


Pierre Lannier is one of the largest and best known names in French watchmaking. Since its creation in 1977, it has always kept pace with changing trends, becoming one of today's leading global fashion brands with markets in over 55 countries, renowned for the quality of its watches, bought for the pleasure of wearing them and changing them to suit your outfits and your looks.

Pierre Lannier's fashion jewelry watches are exclusively designed by an in-house team of French fashion designers based at its production headquarters in France. The brand commitment is to produce high quality, useful and easy to wear quartz fashion timepieces at affordable prices.

Watches designed by the Pierre Lannier label are an undeniable advantage when it comes to adapting outfits and making rapid transformations. The watch as an object turns into the watch as jewelry, a real fashion accessory that can be worn and changed as you please. So Pierre Lannier is focused on creativity, fantasy and luxury style at competitive prices accessible to everyone.