Revue Thommen - Airspeed watches, Swiss watches, luxury watches  

One of the oldest and most distinguished Swiss manufacturer of hand made, classic and sports mechanical timepieces


Very few Swiss watchmakers can claim such a long and distinguished history and tradition as Revue Thommen, who've been hand crafting high quality Swiss mechanical watches since 1853. Revue Thommen is one of the oldest and most prestigious Swiss watch brands, and has always been worthy of the Latin derived term 'manufacturer'. Since 1853 over 100 different GT movements have been created 'manu factum', that is by hand. In addition each and every watch is hand assembled, tested and inspected prior to leaving the workshop.

It is this superb craftsmanship coupled with outstanding design that has made Revue Thommen one of the most sought after premium watch brands in the world. These beautifully engineered, hand crafted watches have over the years become the favored choice of distinguished celebrities the world over - including a number of US presidents, Truman, Eisenhower and Johnson, who all wore Revue Thommen Cricket watches.

In recent years, Revue Thommen has won acclaim for its Airspeed collection of pilot watches, which are much sought after by collectors and aviation enthusiasts worldwide. Revue Thommen's current range of mens and ladies watches includes the Lifestyle, Classics, Specialties, Airspeed and Sport Collections.