Schaumburg Watch - German watches, unique watches, luxury watches  

Unique, limited edition, exclusive and luxurious, sports and classic watches hand made in Germany


Schaumburg is a traditional manufacturer of hand-made, fine, classic and professional time pieces, based in the small town of Rinteln, Germany. Each watch is designed in-house and all parts are manufactured to exacting standards in their own factory, down to the smallest details of the very unique cases. The watchmakers are working on each model for a long time, because all details are carefully treated and then inserted into the watches. Every polished and engraved bridge of the movement has its own identification number.

Schaumburg evades quantity-based classifications and prioritizes excellent quality at all costs. Schaumburg is widely recognized as a manufacturer which pays particular attention to the design and detail of their watches. They are focused on creating unique and desirable mechanical watches which are gaining international popularity among the connoisseurs. These boutique watches enjoy a reputation of uniqueness and exclusivity.