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Swiss made military aviator watches with an iconic Russian heritage


Aviator is the legendary pilot watch brand from Russia, a country which is renowned for its rich aviation history and courageous pilots. Aviator's exceptional watches have served professional military officers, rescuers and pilots and well as aviation watch lovers. From 2006, Aviator has been the official timekeeper of the famous Russian aerobatic team Swifts, pilots of which wear Aviator timepieces and fly the legendary MIG-29 fighter jets for the Russian Air Force.

Aviator's family of watches pays tribute to the history and development of military aviation, from the Vintage Range which embodies the Pioneer Era of propeller fighters during the 1920's, to the Classical Range dedicated to World War II, to the MIG and Professional Ranges, inspired by the spirit and image of contemporary fighter planes.

Since 2011, Aviator watches have also been developed and manufactured in Switzerland's Canton of Jura home of the watchmaking industry. Aviator's elegant, high performance watches combine original designs with the professional skills and experience of its watchmakers, along with sincere passion for the art of fine aviation timepieces.