Azimuth - Swiss watches, avant-garde watches, unique watches  

Exclusive, luxury Swiss made unique and sports mechanical timepieces with avant-garde complications and design


Azimuth Watches is an exciting new brand synonymous with avant-garde complications and unique watch designs. Azimuth starts with a thought; a contemplation of our place on this planet. A mathematical term which defines the arc of a horizon from a reference point, Azimuth is a mode of measurement used by astrologers, navigators and military men to survey their bearings. But more importantly, Azimuth represents a cerebral pursuit - a reflection of time and space as determined by its Arabic etymology which translates to mean a route taken by a traveler¬Ě. It is through this convergence of science and philosophy that the Azimuth collection is conceived.

Azimuth Swiss made timepieces are strictly mechanical, truely unique, truly exclusive and truely avant-garde for the special watch connoisseurs and collectors of unique watches.