Tonino Lamborghini - Motor racing watches, sports watches, luxury watches  

Iconic motor racing luxury sports watches licensed from Lamborghini Italy, with avant-garde design


Tonino Lamborghini carries Italian spirit throughout the world. Golf collections, jewels, sweaters, leather goods, ties and watches all bear the title of 'Pure Italian Talent'. This passionate spirit captures the ineffaceable heritage of Italian style in the world and speaks the inimitable language of creativity, innovation, elegance and technique.

The brand's symbol, the Taurus, reveals the intrinsic passion of the collections that inspired by the revving engines of the much-celebrated Lamborghini. Red and stainless steel express the competitive edge and tenacity that characterize Tonino Lamborghini watches, sunglasses, and every other licensed line of accessories and clothing. Tonino Lamborghini ''Design without compromise''.