Vostok Europe - Russian watches, diving watches, sports watches  

Russian made diving, extreme & adventure sports instrument watches at attractive prices - characterized by "Soviet Techno Design"


Vostok-Europe watches represent an unprecedented alliance of Eastern European and Russian timekeeping. By combining the watch-producing team in Vilnius, Lithuania with the largest Russian watch manufacturer Vostok, the result is a unique fusion of tradition, innovation and cost-effective style. With each model celebrating a Russian or Soviet technical or cultural achievement, Vostok-Europe watches have been exciting the watch world since 2003 with high quality, attractively priced sports and classic timepieces.

Vostok-Europe is particularly known for its extreme sports instrument collections which are devoted to the most significant achievements of Soviet science and technology and are united by the slogan "Soviet Techno Design". Vostok-Europe is one of the fastest growing sports watch brands in the world today and is available in more than 50 countries.